We champion the value of freedom and are committed to never automatically charging users of the Website for any additional fees. Users must initiate all payments, and when necessary, confirm them using 3-D Secure in adherence to PSD2 regulations. The use of "Credits" or "Tokens," necessary for responding, initiating conversations, or sending digital gifts or requests, remains valid for a duration of 3 months after the purchase.

Bundle price Credits Price per message
£10.00 (promo) 10 v£1.00
£17.50 10 v£1.75
£40.00 25 v£1.60
£77.50 50 v£1.55
£135.00 100 v£1.35
£250.00 200 v£1.25
* Prices are including VAT
* All payments are one-off and non-recurring